Moving on with my facecinating girls


So, I’m off again making more girls. Learning to draw, paint, shade and doing several layers backgrounds. I’m trying out new medias as Gelatos, Derwent Inktense, acrylic markers and Neocolours II’s and how I succesfully can mix them all into my project.

The onlineclass I take, by talented Andrea Gomoll is a 3 week class where the first week is about drawing the girls, the second week is about colouring the faces and ghe third and last week is about backgrounds and colouring and making the projekt on canvas.

I’ve been a little short of time lately and I haven’t reached week yet, in fact I’ m in week two. But even if I’m not there yet, I just couldn’t stay away from the projekts of week 3. Tonight I just had to go for a canvas and it was so much fun! I finished one off and if time wasn’t that late I would go for another one. Mabey a bigget one.. 🙂 I really would like to scale up to bigger canvas and make something crazy and unlike me..

But, unfortunatelty it’s way to late to paint so I’ll just have to keep that idea until another day.

Tonight I made this whimsical redhead. I made it with acrylics, gelatos and neocolours, some scrapbook paper and modpodge.





En reaktion på ”Moving on with my facecinating girls

  1. Hi there, Asa! You’re gorgeous! Your faces are beautifully done, I love the red headed girl! I jump into your website from webstagram page after looking at the #facecinatinggirls tag, just to check how the other artists who took Andrea’s 3 weeks online class are doing. And I’ve found beautiful works here. Nice to stop by. Keep posting about your girls and show us some photos, too! I’ll be happy to visit again! Well, not speaking, nor understanding Swedish, but the dictionary will do the trick ;).



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