Concrete time!


So, I met up with my dear friend Malin yesterday and she introduced me to the wonderful world of concrete.

I must say, I was a bit sceptical before I went. Not that it would be boring but beacause I thought it would be complicated. But, my oh my, I was so wrong! It was so much fun, playful, and not difficult at all. 😃

We went on, creating pots, plates, letters, mini-figures… Wow! It was a blast!

Now, it’s hardening-time before we see the results. I really hope it turns out well. The waiting time is the most hard part for me as I love to see result.. But why not use the time? Fortunately, it’s no waiting time to do more pots, plates, figures, charms, tables, so why wait? Let’s go concrete!






Moving on with my facecinating girls


So, I’m off again making more girls. Learning to draw, paint, shade and doing several layers backgrounds. I’m trying out new medias as Gelatos, Derwent Inktense, acrylic markers and Neocolours II’s and how I succesfully can mix them all into my project.

The onlineclass I take, by talented Andrea Gomoll is a 3 week class where the first week is about drawing the girls, the second week is about colouring the faces and ghe third and last week is about backgrounds and colouring and making the projekt on canvas.

I’ve been a little short of time lately and I haven’t reached week yet, in fact I’ m in week two. But even if I’m not there yet, I just couldn’t stay away from the projekts of week 3. Tonight I just had to go for a canvas and it was so much fun! I finished one off and if time wasn’t that late I would go for another one. Mabey a bigget one.. 🙂 I really would like to scale up to bigger canvas and make something crazy and unlike me..

But, unfortunatelty it’s way to late to paint so I’ll just have to keep that idea until another day.

Tonight I made this whimsical redhead. I made it with acrylics, gelatos and neocolours, some scrapbook paper and modpodge.




Making some aprons


Finally, I finnished off my first mixed media homemade apron. This one I made for one of my dear friends. I made it from one old white sheet I got after my mother and some home crochet lace (that I coloured in the same colour, of course) I found there as well.
I used textilpaint and stencils when I built up the background, which is in several layers. The whimsical girl and the banner, I painted on a seperate piece of fabric and then added it on with vlisofix. I used napkins and textil decoupage to create the letters in ”Let’s create”.

It turned out quite well, I think. Little special and different, and colourful. I like it! Now I just have to make one for myself aswell.. I can sure need it! 😃I’m not sure yet how mine’s going to turn out. The only thing I know just now is that it’s going to be pink…💗



”Facecinating Girls”


So, finally I started my online-class with talented Andrea Gomoll. The class is about learning to draw girls faces and using differens mediums and techniques. It’s about proportions and shading and ofcourse about to have a lot of fun!
This evening I started and went through the first couple of videos and I made som sketches to work further on tomorrow when I’ll take the shading class. I really can’t wait to keep going.. 🙂


Owl only have eyes for you


It’s been a couple of days since I last visited my ”underneth the staircase studio” but today, finally it was time to do so.
I really didn’t have any plan when I started off beside that I wanted to use my Dylusions for the bakground. So I just went with the flow and I finished it off with an owl and an owl quote I found on one of my fantastic owl-stamps that I got from my wonderful sister in law, a while ago.

About the canvas (30 x 30 cm), first I made the bakground and then I used Gesso underneth where the owl would go, partly to neutralize the colour before painting the owl and partley for making it pop out a little bit from the canvas. Then I painted the owl directly on the canvas.

I made the letters by using my watertank-brush and wetting the Dylusions off inside the letters to make them lighter but still keeping them in the same colourscales as the bakground. Finally I added a little white to the letters, and… ta da! 😃